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Our main service is realtime and cost effective GPS tracking for CAR and MOTORBIKE.

  • Are you the owner of a vehicle, which is driven by an employee?
  • Do you want to know where is your children / wife / husband with your car?
  • Are you scared that someone will steal your car and you could not find it?
  • Do you want to see where your car have been in the past month?

  • If the answer is yes, you surely need one of our GPS trackers!

    Here is a short summary of what you can do with our GPS tracking system:
  • See your car's actual location on the internet with your laptop or smartphone
  • Review the history of your routes using google map and streetview
  • Check the SIM card balance automatically and get notified if it is getting low.
  • Cut the electricity in case your car got stolen (activated by SMS)
  • Get notified if your car is moving in/out from a specific area (by e-mail or SMS)
  • Connect your existing car alarm device to get a phone call when the alarm sounds

  • The tracking is based on real GPS signals and the device supplies location data 24/7 over the GSM network.
    Our tracking device is tested by us for over 2 years and it is proven to be stable.
    This is why we are giving 1 year full warranty on the device and FREE installation:
    We want to do this only once, but that one must be perfect, without mistakes.
    In case of device malfunction, we offer completely free replacement in our workshops.
    Waterproof design, suitable for motorbikes / cars / trucks / buses / agricultural instruments.
    The tracking platform is our own development, so in case of any unexpected problem we know how to fix it. Furthermore if you have special requirements, we are happy to discuss the details with you and develop the required functions. (Such as fleet management for Rental or Taxi companies, etc.)
    We are continuously monitoring the costs of the devices, and looking for methods to save money to our customers. This is how we can promote monthly costs under 100 bath. This is the internet cost, which you can topup by yourself or we can do it for you every month, so you do not need to worry about it. The device is equipped with an alarm (SOS) input, where we can connect a panic button or the car alarm system. If this input is activated, you will receive a phone call immediately. In case of battery disconnect from the car, the built-in spare battery can operate the device for another day.
    You will get noticed about this, so you will have enough time to find your stolen car.

    Special offer for our customers who is purchasing our GPS tracker in 2014:
    In addition to the half year advanced subscription, you will get free basic functionality for a lifetime. (Realtime location tracking, 2 weeks of history data, SIM balance monitoring)

    Here is a brief summary why you should try our service:
  • Low monthly costs, no hidden fees.
  • Warranty 1 year with free repair.
  • Stable system, our server is located in EU.
  • Flexible system, we are the actual developers of our platform, no third parties involved.
  • Small size, easy to hide, built-in lithium battery, integrated antenna.

  • And here is what we offer:
    GPS tracker device with free installation, sim card (topped up for the 1st month), 6 months advanced subscription included (billing cycle starts only in 2015!), lifetime basic functionality for free.
    Price: 6000 Bath
    (Normal price 7.900 Bath)

    If you are interested in our service, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone!
    086-109-4340 (english) / 08-125-4422-9 (ไทย)